Prof Michael Cant, Professor of Evolutionary Biology

Human behavioural ecology, evolution of menopause, cooperative breeding

Dr Sasha Dall
Associate Professor of Mathematical Ecology

Social information use, evolution of personality

Dr Kimberley Hockings, Lecturer in Biosciences

Human-wildlife interactions and conservation conflicts, great ape behaviour, ecology, and cognition, primate conservation

Dr Erik Postma, Senior Lecturer

Human life history, evolutionary genetics, selection pressures on physical fitness

Dr Alex Thornton, Associate Professor in Cognitive Evolution

Evolution of cognition, animal behaviour, cultural evolution, teaching

Dr Thomas Currie, Associate Professor in Cultural Evolution

Cultural evolution, evolution of social complexity, cultural phylogenetics

Dr Jamie Hampson, Senior Lecturer in History

Cognitive archaeology, indigenous rock art, heritage studies, indigenous ontology

Dr Bram Kuijper, Lecturer in Theoretical Biology

Nongenetic inheritance, parental effects

Dr Alex Mesoudi, Associate Professor in Cultural Evolution

Human cultural evolution, social learning

Prof Andy Russell, Professor of Animal Behaviour

Human life history, cooperative breeding, evolution of cooperation

Dr Ruth Thurstan, Lecturer in Biosciences

Marine historical ecology, conservation

Postgraduate students / Fellows

Matthew Lomas, PhD student

Cultural evolution, theory of mind, teaching

Dugald Foster, PhD student

Evolution of cooperation, cultural evolution, behavioural ecology, evolutionary demography.

Andoni Sergiou, PhD student

Cumulative culture, social network modelling, cultural evolution in neural networks and A.I. agents

Past members / visitors

Dr Charlotte Brand, postdoctoral research fellow

Cultural evolution, prestige, evolution of sex differences

André Borba, visiting PhD student, 2017, Laboratory of Ecology and Evolution, UFRPE, Brazil

Ángel V. Jiménez, PhD student

Cultural evolution, prestige

Dr Adam Flitton, PhD student

Evolution of economic behaviours and money

Stefan Gehrig, PhD student

Human cooperation, economic institutions and behavior, ecological sustainability

Dr Maxime Derex, Marie Curie Fellow

Cultural evolution, cumulative culture

Prof Monique Borgerhoff Mulder, UC Davis

Visiting on sabbatical, Sep-Dec 2017

Dr Michael Gantley, postdoctoral research associate

Group cooperation, evolution of culturally-inherited social rules, cultural evolution, human cognition

Dr Alice Williams, PhD student

Archaeological patterns of state formation

Dr Amanda Lucas, postdoctoral research fellow

Social learning and cultural cognition in infants and children

Visiting Faculty / Researchers